Marc Sparks – The Entrepreneurs Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is the very definition of a serial entrepreneur. In 1975, right after graduating from high school, Marc dove head first into entrepreneurship. Since that time he has played a major role in dozens of startups.


Some of those startup were extremely successful while others were utter failures. Now, after being an entrepreneur for more than 30 years, Sparks has written a book highlighting the important lessons he has learned along the way.


His goal is to help aspiring entrepreneurs avoid some of the mistakes he made along his journey.


Marc believes that the challenges and obstacles we face in life are given to us by God so that we remain humble and always remember the huge responsibility that comes with being truly successful.


You have to remember, this was a guy who made C’s in school but yet he managed to become a successful businessman who has built and sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products and companies. He credits the grace of God with taking him from where he was to where he is now.


Its no secret that Marc’s passion is in building companies. He loves to take ideas that no one believes in and turn them into something amazing.


He takes a small idea, establishes a business model and sets short term goals. He’s literally a genius when it comes to startups.


The really cool thing about Marc Sparks is the fact he manages by example. He’s not the type of manager who just barks out orders all the time. Instead he has an open door policy and invites his employees to come speak with him whenever they need to.


They Can’t Eat You


They Can’t Eat You Is the title of Marc’s book. In it he pulls back the curtain and gets very real. So real in fact that he said it was painful for him to write.


He believes those that read his book will learn way more from his failures than his successes.


In the beginning Marc was very hesitant to write a book. But after speaking with his colleagues he decided it was the right thing to do.


If you haven’t had the opportunity to read his book, make sure you do so in the near future. It is guaranteed to change your life and show you what’s possible when you have faith, passion, tenacity and a sense of urgency.

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