Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Promises to Take the Legacy of His Grandfather Forward

Duda Melzer recently became the CEO of the RBS Group and after his appointment; he has already made some important changes to the business and hired some new members to take the company to new heights. Duda, whose real name is Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, took over the reign of the company which was broadcast live for its large number of employees across the country and abroad. The event took place in Porto Alegre and was attended by his close family, friends, and supporters.

In an article on Dino, Duda was the former Executive Vice President of the company before he took over as the President. The former president, Nelson Sirotsky, said that he was happy to see Duda being appointed as the President. He added that his nephew is going to make sure that the objectives of the company are being achieved as he had full trust in him. During the acceptance speech, Duda said that he would take the legacy of his grandfather, the founder of the RBS Group, forward. He promised to adopt new technology while still keeping the human element intact in his company. Duda wants to continue to make a difference to people’s lives. He always believes that the company needs to work along with its employees and offer support to them if they want to achieve the company’s mission.

Previously, Duda Melzer has served as the director general of the country’s market for the company and also as the business development vice president. His experience in these positions will help him make better decisions for his company. After the appointment of Duda, Nelson Sirotsky will remain on the Board of Directors and will also be part of the editorial committee. During an interview, he also stated that he would be ready to help out and advise Duda on the company matters if needed.

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