Goettl Air Conditioning Expands Its Reach

Goettl Air Conditioning announced that they had acquired Walton’s Heating and Air which is family owned HVAC and is based in Southern California. There was no disclosure of the financial details by either of the parties.

According to achrnews.com, the deal will allow Goettl to make its presence known in California and at the same time, it will allow Walton’s to grow further than what its owner Todd Longbrake could make it. Mr. Todd had tried all he could to make the company grow, but it had just reached a point where it was stagnant. Todd was reluctant to sell it in 2015, but after hearing a lot of good things about Goettl from other people in the HVAC industry, he decided to give it a shot.

The deal was finalized in the middle of 2015, and since then, they have grown ten times, says Todd Longbrake. Todd has been retained at Goettl as the sales manager and the field supervisor. Ken Goodrich, says that Todd assimilated into the Goettl family and became a leader in the organization.

The deal was finalized years ago, but the announcement was only made recently because there were some operational issues and marketing complications within Walton’s and they wanted to get everything in order before they handed it over to Goettl.

Goodrich considered Walton because they had the same background and that it provided a platform for Goettl to grow because Walton’s was stagnant at the time. Goettl now has 306 employees after acquiring Walton’s, and they foresee the addition of 200 other job opportunities especially in Phoenix and Tucson which are the company’s largest markets.

Goodrich said on Indeed that their long term goal is to have a nationwide reach and also become a nationwide brand. In addition to that, he said that they have plans to expand into northern California and then to Texas.

Goettl Air Conditioning started in the year 1939 and is an industry pioneer. Gust and Adam Goettl developed the first evaporative cooler and AC Unit in Phoenix. Since they first began, they have grown to become one of the most trusted names in the HVAC business, and they have been successful throughout the years, and their technology also has advanced.

They take pride in what they do and have the most skilled technicians who offer premium services and good quality products. As mentioned on glassdoor.com it means that you get the most bang for your buck and you can have the best experience.