Betsy DeVos’ Work that Earned Her the Position of Secretary of Education

After working for a very long time trying to transform the education system in the United States, Betsy DeVos was given the opportunity to serve as the country’s secretary of education in the Trump’s government. It implies she is in a better position to continue with her work while she is the head of the education sector. Betsy’s interests in educational matters started several years ago when she had school-age kids. Together with her husband, Dick DeVos, they used to visit a prominent school in Grand Rapids that had majority of students from low income areas. This offered the couple the opportunity to interact with parents who made huge sacrifice to send their kids to school.


The incidence they witnessed at the school was an avenue for the couple to begin their philanthropic initiatives by supporting some students at the school. According to Betsy DeVos, the commitment to support Potter’s House Christian School is still alive even today. Since the couple had the opportunity to select the right schools for their kids, it was not possible for many parents who sent their kids to this school. That was the beginning of Betsy’s role of advocating for quality access to education to all American kids regardless of their family background. In early 1990s, Dick DeVos was elected to serve on the Education Board in Michigan, while Betsy started a foundation to support students from less fortunate families with scholarships. This idea was great but not all needy students were covered by the program.


The Educational-Choice Program


Betsy DeVos further advanced her desire to bring uniformity in the education sector by serving on boards of two nationally recognized charities that advocated for the expansion of educational choice program across the country. The organizations pushed for tax waiver and vouchers as ways of providing quality education to all students. Mrs. DeVos was also involved in the formation of Great Lakes Education Project, a Michigan based political action committee that promoted education reform through charter school expansion. Within a period of two years, the work of the movement was so successful and was rolled over to cover other states nationally.


Biography of Secretary Betsy DeVos


For close to three decades, Secretary DeVos has been very vocal in advocating for students whom she believed were not accorded the chance to receive the education they deserved. Her passion was to seek reforms that would enable under-served kids receive better education as those from wealthy families. For over 10 years, Betsy mentored at-risk students in the Grand Rapids Public Schools. Today, through her hard work, students in 25 states can access better education through educational choice movement. Before she was appointed by Trump, Betsy DeVos served The Windquest Group’s chairman, a family owned business.


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