Rubica – Leading Cybersecurity Company

There are many reasons why cybersecurity is becoming even more important than before. Hackers are finding ways to create cyber attacks at a higher rate which increases the need for security. The most recent serious attack includes WannaCray ransomware, which was one of the most serious cases that evolved in 2017. It affected roughly 300,000 computers and other digital software across 150 different countries.

The INN (Investing News Network) talks about three main reasons why cyber security and ransomware is more important than ever. One reason why it has become so important is because of the increase of threats. From 2013-2015, there has been an immense amount of threats. They have quadrupled in numbers which has caused an increase in spending funds to become more secure. Not only have attacks increased throughout the cyber world, but the severity of attacks have increased greatly. They have the ability to shut down systems completely and invite any confidential and personal information into their database. In the future, companies are looking to increase their spending along with their commitment to cybersecurity, ensuring that their data is confidential and completely secure.


Rubica is a company that has been providing security for many years, and can ensure that information and important data are safe and secure. Their top notch resources and quality business structure ensure that threats and ransomware are kept at a minimum.


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