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Research shows that cyber threat is one of the major crimes committed by hackers across the world. These threats are commonly targeted at companies and government institutions. In recent news from Investing News Network, cyber attack is an international threat damaging companies, government institutions, and prominent individuals.


Cyber security attack has been projected to be on the rise since 2013. It was reported that, cybercrime was heavily affecting the economy. The recent polls showed that the number of attacks increased from a cost of $400 billion to $500 billion. However, it is not just the economy and numbers that were involved, top government officials such as Hillary Clinton found themselves culprits to hackers. Individuals and private organizations have opted for private cyber security agents for personal security. A good example of such private cyber security is Rubica Security.


About Rubica Security


Rubica Cyber Security is a private security network company. It is composed of a team of highly trained cyber experts who specialize in cyber threats and digital security. Personal cyber security is an important measure that guarantees an individual’s optimum privacy for personal online accounts. Rubica provides excellent privacy to their clients in an efficient and professional way.

Rubica personal cyber security, operates in a background manner whereby they only alert their clients when an issue arises. By doing this, the client not only gets privacy on his/her account, but also from his professional team of cyber securities. Additionally, they provide the confidence and privacy of their client’s online account. They are capable of securing your security at all cost. I would advise anyone seeking to cement their security to contact Rubica Cyber Security Team



Rubica – Leading Cybersecurity Company

There are many reasons why cybersecurity is becoming even more important than before. Hackers are finding ways to create cyber attacks at a higher rate which increases the need for security. The most recent serious attack includes WannaCray ransomware, which was one of the most serious cases that evolved in 2017. It affected roughly 300,000 computers and other digital software across 150 different countries.

The INN (Investing News Network) talks about three main reasons why cyber security and ransomware is more important than ever. One reason why it has become so important is because of the increase of threats. From 2013-2015, there has been an immense amount of threats. They have quadrupled in numbers which has caused an increase in spending funds to become more secure. Not only have attacks increased throughout the cyber world, but the severity of attacks have increased greatly. They have the ability to shut down systems completely and invite any confidential and personal information into their database. In the future, companies are looking to increase their spending along with their commitment to cybersecurity, ensuring that their data is confidential and completely secure.


Rubica is a company that has been providing security for many years, and can ensure that information and important data are safe and secure. Their top notch resources and quality business structure ensure that threats and ransomware are kept at a minimum.


Omar Boraie: Transforming the Cities’ Skyline

Omar Boraie’s longstanding vision of transforming and rebuilding New Brunswick City is slowly taking shape. His progress was recently highlighted by Central Jersey Working Moms in a blog postdated 5th May 2017. The current president of Boraie Development, a company he founded in 1972, believes that his decades-old vision for New Brunswick City is progressively t6aking shape. Having traveled overseas in Europe as a scholar, Omar Boraie developed a clear vision for what he wanted his city to look like. He wanted to make the city safer and more desirable to live in while also attracting more people to the city. He implemented his vision in several progressive phases marked by strategically transforming the city’s skyline into a modern day city.

In an article on NJ Biz, the first phase of his initiative was the redevelopment of over 20 vacant buildings and turning them into high quality residential units. While the area was previously risky even to walk at 4 pm, the new project that was met by a lot of skepticisms transformed the area. Through his company, he built high end office units to meet the growing demand for office space. The Albany Street Plaza Tower One has become synonymous Omar Boraie’s success story. The next phase of his visionary project came in the form of Spring Street Condominium Building. The building has high quality residential units to cater for the growing demand for quality residential units in New Brunswick. Completed in 2007, the building gave way for the next phase of his project: The Aspire. The new development comes complete with restaurants, high-end residential units and other amenities for entertainment that suits the lifestyle of the modern and younger generations. It is designed for the millenials. Check out State Theatre New Jersey to know more.

Company Profile: Boraie Development LLC

According to NY Times, Boraie Development LLC was the brainchild of Omar Boraie’s vision and experience working overseas. His long stay in Europe shaped his vision of what a modern day city should look like. Upon returning to the United States, he founded the company in 1986 and embarked picked New Brunswick as his pilot city. The company is based in New Brunswick, New Jersey and is privately held. However, over the years the company has expanded its transformative vision to other cities including Newark and Atlanta where it is managing and developing new properties that are aimed at renewing the cities’ skyline.

To achieve their vision, Boraie Development has formed a collaborative platform to leverage the strengths of their partners. The platform includes contractors and financial institutions. Since the new developments are primarily targeting the growing market niche of millenials, the company has also partnered with architects, contractors and various celebrities to highlight their noble cause.

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