José Borghi is a Creative Advertising Genius

Mullen Lowe’s founder, José Borghi heads one of the most renown advertising companies in the publishing field. José is a skilled architect of marketing Brazilian advertisements. His drive began when he was still in high school when he was still very uncertain of which career path to embark upon. This is when innovation and karma took hold of his direction. His sister approached him to attend the Castro Neves Theater to witness a performance there. The performance was chiefly to display the awards that were earned in the Cannes festival, shaped like lions. These awards captivated José and his path from that day on was clear. He would strive to achieve winning one of those very awards himself from his endeavors as a highly creative advertiser.

José Borghi hails from the area of PresidentePrudente and is a graduate of the PUC, with honors in Advertising and Propaganda. In 1989 he began his first professional employment at the renown Standart Ogilvy agency. He excelled to such a high degree while employed there, that he decided to form his own company with a partner, Erh Ray. Together they formed the company, BorghiErh. They were so very successful that in 2006 the company was purchased by Lowe and the name was changed to become Borghi Lowe. The agency has since established itself across domestic and also international markets, alike. Recently, they merged their company with the Mullen group and again changed their name to the Mullen Lowe Brazil, where José operates as the co-CEO along side André Gomes

Throughout José’s vocation, he has achieved a position at the forefront of his industry. Honda, Delta Airlines, America On Line and American Express are just a few of the well known companies that have high respect for José’s advertising campaign creativity.

Jericho’s Network, Beyond Darkness on PodcastOne Network

When Chris Jericho, the WWE star started the Jericho Network, one could bet that it would go beyond wrestling. He began with comedians and recently he launched even more intriguing show, Beyond Darkness. The show, which is cast under the PodcastOne umbrella, explores the paranormal.



Beyond Darkness Feature



Beyond Darkness podcast, runs in the Jericho Network. It features talks by world famous researchers and experiencers on ghosts, angels, ghouls, aliens, demons, mysterious encounters and miracles. The show will be hosted by Dave Schrader and radio producer and host Tim Dennis. The two hosts who are already well established in the hosting field have a huge mass of followers who they brought along to the show.



The agenda of the show is to educate the mass about the paranormal beliefs while at the same time scaring the crap out of them. The PodcastOne is America’s largest advertiser using podcast network. The podcast has many followers who also enjoy the Beyond Darkness show.



Jericho was overwhelmed when introducing the Beyond Darkness show and was very optimistic about the hosts’ capabilities. He was sure they would not only tag along with their followers, but they would be able to attract more with their experience in broadcasting abilities.



Norman Pattiz admitted they viewed Chris as a jewel when he first started the Jericho Network running on PodcastOne. He confirmed his confidence with the WWE star when he started creating comedians, and his belief was further strengthened when Chris launched the Beyond Darkness on the podcast. The show runs every Monday on and the PodcastOne app on iTunes.



PodcastOne Network



PodcastOne Network was founded Westwood One Radio founder Norman Pattiz. The network,, hosts over 200 popular podcasts. Some of the podcasts run by this network include these of Chris Jericho, Jay Mohr, Steve Austin, Dr. Drew, Adam Corolla, Eddie Trunk, and the Forbes among others.



Norman Pattiz



Norman Pattiz has over 40 years’ experience in media syndication. He is also the founder of the industry’s largest station, Westwood One radio which is the largest sports, entertainment, news, talk, and traffic.



Pattiz started PodcastOne after he realized the untapped opportunity in the demanding audio industry. The podcast quickly rose to become Today’s America’s audio programming network with over 200 podcasts being hosted by the network. Pattiz has ever served in Americas Broadcasting Board of Governors after being appointed by Clinton and reappointed by Bush.

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