Betsy DeVos’ Work that Earned Her the Position of Secretary of Education

After working for a very long time trying to transform the education system in the United States, Betsy DeVos was given the opportunity to serve as the country’s secretary of education in the Trump’s government. It implies she is in a better position to continue with her work while she is the head of the education sector. Betsy’s interests in educational matters started several years ago when she had school-age kids. Together with her husband, Dick DeVos, they used to visit a prominent school in Grand Rapids that had majority of students from low income areas. This offered the couple the opportunity to interact with parents who made huge sacrifice to send their kids to school.


The incidence they witnessed at the school was an avenue for the couple to begin their philanthropic initiatives by supporting some students at the school. According to Betsy DeVos, the commitment to support Potter’s House Christian School is still alive even today. Since the couple had the opportunity to select the right schools for their kids, it was not possible for many parents who sent their kids to this school. That was the beginning of Betsy’s role of advocating for quality access to education to all American kids regardless of their family background. In early 1990s, Dick DeVos was elected to serve on the Education Board in Michigan, while Betsy started a foundation to support students from less fortunate families with scholarships. This idea was great but not all needy students were covered by the program.


The Educational-Choice Program


Betsy DeVos further advanced her desire to bring uniformity in the education sector by serving on boards of two nationally recognized charities that advocated for the expansion of educational choice program across the country. The organizations pushed for tax waiver and vouchers as ways of providing quality education to all students. Mrs. DeVos was also involved in the formation of Great Lakes Education Project, a Michigan based political action committee that promoted education reform through charter school expansion. Within a period of two years, the work of the movement was so successful and was rolled over to cover other states nationally.


Biography of Secretary Betsy DeVos


For close to three decades, Secretary DeVos has been very vocal in advocating for students whom she believed were not accorded the chance to receive the education they deserved. Her passion was to seek reforms that would enable under-served kids receive better education as those from wealthy families. For over 10 years, Betsy mentored at-risk students in the Grand Rapids Public Schools. Today, through her hard work, students in 25 states can access better education through educational choice movement. Before she was appointed by Trump, Betsy DeVos served The Windquest Group’s chairman, a family owned business.


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Goettl Air Conditioning Expands Its Reach

Goettl Air Conditioning announced that they had acquired Walton’s Heating and Air which is family owned HVAC and is based in Southern California. There was no disclosure of the financial details by either of the parties.

According to, the deal will allow Goettl to make its presence known in California and at the same time, it will allow Walton’s to grow further than what its owner Todd Longbrake could make it. Mr. Todd had tried all he could to make the company grow, but it had just reached a point where it was stagnant. Todd was reluctant to sell it in 2015, but after hearing a lot of good things about Goettl from other people in the HVAC industry, he decided to give it a shot.

The deal was finalized in the middle of 2015, and since then, they have grown ten times, says Todd Longbrake. Todd has been retained at Goettl as the sales manager and the field supervisor. Ken Goodrich, says that Todd assimilated into the Goettl family and became a leader in the organization.

The deal was finalized years ago, but the announcement was only made recently because there were some operational issues and marketing complications within Walton’s and they wanted to get everything in order before they handed it over to Goettl.

Goodrich considered Walton because they had the same background and that it provided a platform for Goettl to grow because Walton’s was stagnant at the time. Goettl now has 306 employees after acquiring Walton’s, and they foresee the addition of 200 other job opportunities especially in Phoenix and Tucson which are the company’s largest markets.

Goodrich said on Indeed that their long term goal is to have a nationwide reach and also become a nationwide brand. In addition to that, he said that they have plans to expand into northern California and then to Texas.

Goettl Air Conditioning started in the year 1939 and is an industry pioneer. Gust and Adam Goettl developed the first evaporative cooler and AC Unit in Phoenix. Since they first began, they have grown to become one of the most trusted names in the HVAC business, and they have been successful throughout the years, and their technology also has advanced.

They take pride in what they do and have the most skilled technicians who offer premium services and good quality products. As mentioned on it means that you get the most bang for your buck and you can have the best experience.

Fabletics’ Unique Sales Strategy That Caters To Customers

In order to stay on top of the highly competitive industry, fashion wear, quality and branding are the most effective techniques. Clients will always come back if they get what they wanted in terms of fabric, fitting and uniqueness. At Fabletics, one is always assured of that. The fact that they encourage membership for the cloth line to their clients, it makes it even better for the clients because they are assured of discounts as well the freedom of custom made clothes. Unlike other clothe lines where the choice of clothes is left with the designer, Fabletics leaves the choice to you entirely.


As a result of their personalized attention to their clients who are already their members, they have been able to conquer the showroom challenge. 30-50% of their shoppers are already their members. The membership model has been instrumental in ensuring that unlike their competitors, who get destroyed by the habit of potential customers browsing on their websites whilst shopping elsewhere, Fabletics ensures that their shoppers are members first. Even if you are shopping for the first time in their stores they sought to make you their member so that whenever you buy anything from them they add it to your cart. So far, the method has worked quite well for them.


Kate Hudson believes there is more to coming up with a cloth line. According to her, clothes shouldn’t be about wearing, the designer should also have in mind the different body sizes of different people and how he or she can be able to come up with a clothing that will accommodate them sufficiently. Another important aspect in designing clothes is coming up with the best colors that will be able to make the appearance of the person wearing look even better in them.


Fabletics through Kate Hudson has taken the designing industry by a wave of creativity that is onto another level. The most rewarding part of taking creativity by the head, is that it has ensured that her business model is a total success. The business is mainly online based and ensures that their clients save lots of money through paid membership; it has also gone ahead to ensure that their customers opinions and desires are important to them by implementing them. Kate Hudson warrants that this is possible by offering her customers a Lifestyle Quiz whenever they first sign up. Now that gives you a reason as to why one needs to give a positive and honest feedback while taking up the quiz which is very important.

The History Of The Trabuco

The Trabuco is a French term used to refer to a certain siege engine that was used in the olden days. For starters, this type of siege machine used the principle of a swinging arm where it would throw a projectile towards the enemy with the aim of destroying them. Commonly referred to as the traction trebuchet, it was associated with the Chinese people first before it found its way to other civilizations such as Avars and the Brazilians. As back as the 4th century AD, the Trabuco was being used by the Chinese. Towards the end of the 6th century, the Brazilians adopted the siege machine in their wars. Towards the 12th century, a new Trabuco known as counterweight Trabuco was introduced by the Muslims and the Christian communities. This new device employed a counterweight to move its arm.

Working of a Trabuco
For starters, the Trabuco can be classified as a compound machine. Furthermore, this classification is more solid as it employs the mechanical advantage associated with a lever. It’s important to note that the Trabuco in most cases relies on the gravity effect to function. Through a hinged connection, it’s possible to connect the counterweight to the throwing arm. At the end of the day, all these processes make it simple to transfer the potential energy stored in the raised weight box to the throwing arm. For the weight to fall down and transfer its energy to the sling, the Trabuco has to be cut. The sling uses the principle of rotational acceleration to cause maximum damage to the enemy. Another important thing to note is that the sling usually contains a projectile that is supposed to transfer the destructive force according to When constructing the Trabuco, there are several factors that should be considered. For instance. It’s important to note that the sling can change its trajectory for various reasons such as direction travelled, the weight of the projectile and wind speed.

For the projectile to cause the desired destruction, the angle and speed had to be calculated. Where calculation was tricky, trial and error were the only way forward. We earlier mentioned that the Trabuco owes its origin to the Chinese. The Chinese developed the concept of the Trabuco from the normal sling on Some of the battles that this siege engine has been used include the Battle of Caishi, the Mongol conquest of the Song dynasty among others. Some of the Chinese dynasties that perfected this siege machine include the Li Mi dynasty, the Sui dynasty, the Ming dynasty as well as the Jin dynasty.

Other battles
The Trabuco also played a significant role in other battles around the globe such as the second siege of Tyre, the Sige of Acre as well as during the Warwolf. Notable leaders who made use of this siege machine include Charles the 7th of France, Edward Longshanks, Richard the 1st of England as well as Louis the 6th of France. Other battles where this machine was used in history include the Sige of Fancheng and Xiangyang and the Siege of Damietta. However, with the introduction of the gunpowder in the 16th century, the use of the Trabuco declined. It was last used in the siege of Rhodes as well as the Siege of Burgos. Today, the Trabuco can only be used for education and recreational purposes alone. According to, existing Trabucos can be found in Denmark and the United Kingdom where they attract thousands of tourist who want to know what it was like in the olden days. These two Trabucos are found in Warwick Castle and Middelaldercentret, England and Denmark respectively. The siege machine has also been used in modern protests in Ukraine.

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Rubika Personal Cyber Security

Research shows that cyber threat is one of the major crimes committed by hackers across the world. These threats are commonly targeted at companies and government institutions. In recent news from Investing News Network, cyber attack is an international threat damaging companies, government institutions, and prominent individuals.


Cyber security attack has been projected to be on the rise since 2013. It was reported that, cybercrime was heavily affecting the economy. The recent polls showed that the number of attacks increased from a cost of $400 billion to $500 billion. However, it is not just the economy and numbers that were involved, top government officials such as Hillary Clinton found themselves culprits to hackers. Individuals and private organizations have opted for private cyber security agents for personal security. A good example of such private cyber security is Rubica Security.


About Rubica Security


Rubica Cyber Security is a private security network company. It is composed of a team of highly trained cyber experts who specialize in cyber threats and digital security. Personal cyber security is an important measure that guarantees an individual’s optimum privacy for personal online accounts. Rubica provides excellent privacy to their clients in an efficient and professional way.

Rubica personal cyber security, operates in a background manner whereby they only alert their clients when an issue arises. By doing this, the client not only gets privacy on his/her account, but also from his professional team of cyber securities. Additionally, they provide the confidence and privacy of their client’s online account. They are capable of securing your security at all cost. I would advise anyone seeking to cement their security to contact Rubica Cyber Security Team



Rubica – Leading Cybersecurity Company

There are many reasons why cybersecurity is becoming even more important than before. Hackers are finding ways to create cyber attacks at a higher rate which increases the need for security. The most recent serious attack includes WannaCray ransomware, which was one of the most serious cases that evolved in 2017. It affected roughly 300,000 computers and other digital software across 150 different countries.

The INN (Investing News Network) talks about three main reasons why cyber security and ransomware is more important than ever. One reason why it has become so important is because of the increase of threats. From 2013-2015, there has been an immense amount of threats. They have quadrupled in numbers which has caused an increase in spending funds to become more secure. Not only have attacks increased throughout the cyber world, but the severity of attacks have increased greatly. They have the ability to shut down systems completely and invite any confidential and personal information into their database. In the future, companies are looking to increase their spending along with their commitment to cybersecurity, ensuring that their data is confidential and completely secure.


Rubica is a company that has been providing security for many years, and can ensure that information and important data are safe and secure. Their top notch resources and quality business structure ensure that threats and ransomware are kept at a minimum.


Omar Boraie: Transforming the Cities’ Skyline

Omar Boraie’s longstanding vision of transforming and rebuilding New Brunswick City is slowly taking shape. His progress was recently highlighted by Central Jersey Working Moms in a blog postdated 5th May 2017. The current president of Boraie Development, a company he founded in 1972, believes that his decades-old vision for New Brunswick City is progressively t6aking shape. Having traveled overseas in Europe as a scholar, Omar Boraie developed a clear vision for what he wanted his city to look like. He wanted to make the city safer and more desirable to live in while also attracting more people to the city. He implemented his vision in several progressive phases marked by strategically transforming the city’s skyline into a modern day city.

In an article on NJ Biz, the first phase of his initiative was the redevelopment of over 20 vacant buildings and turning them into high quality residential units. While the area was previously risky even to walk at 4 pm, the new project that was met by a lot of skepticisms transformed the area. Through his company, he built high end office units to meet the growing demand for office space. The Albany Street Plaza Tower One has become synonymous Omar Boraie’s success story. The next phase of his visionary project came in the form of Spring Street Condominium Building. The building has high quality residential units to cater for the growing demand for quality residential units in New Brunswick. Completed in 2007, the building gave way for the next phase of his project: The Aspire. The new development comes complete with restaurants, high-end residential units and other amenities for entertainment that suits the lifestyle of the modern and younger generations. It is designed for the millenials. Check out State Theatre New Jersey to know more.

Company Profile: Boraie Development LLC

According to NY Times, Boraie Development LLC was the brainchild of Omar Boraie’s vision and experience working overseas. His long stay in Europe shaped his vision of what a modern day city should look like. Upon returning to the United States, he founded the company in 1986 and embarked picked New Brunswick as his pilot city. The company is based in New Brunswick, New Jersey and is privately held. However, over the years the company has expanded its transformative vision to other cities including Newark and Atlanta where it is managing and developing new properties that are aimed at renewing the cities’ skyline.

To achieve their vision, Boraie Development has formed a collaborative platform to leverage the strengths of their partners. The platform includes contractors and financial institutions. Since the new developments are primarily targeting the growing market niche of millenials, the company has also partnered with architects, contractors and various celebrities to highlight their noble cause.

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Karl Heideck And His Legal Offices

Karl Heideck And His Legal Offices
Karl Heideck And His Legal Offices

Karl Heideck is a respected lawyer in Philadelphia who helps his clients on a number of fronts. Companies require help from someone such as Karl because they are dealing with compliance issues, or companies are turning to a man such as Karl because they want to ensure that they are doing things in the proper manner. This article shows how Karl does his work, and it explains where a company needs compliance services.

#1: What Is Compliance Law?

Companies must be in compliance with the law in every way, and they will find that they have many laws they must abide by. These companies are hoping to be within the law while advancing as much as possible, and they will stay within the bounds of the law because they have Karl on their side.

#2: How Does Karl Help With Compliance Law?

Karl’s job is to help interpret the law for his clients. These people often have questions that cannot be answered by anyone else, and they have concerns that must be explained to them. These companies may ask Karl to consult on their needs, and they may ask him to review their policies to ensure that they are on the right side of the law. There are many people who are searching for a way to manage their businesses properly, and Karl does this work every day with great care.

#3: What Is The Purpose Of Consistent Legal Counsel?

Consistent legal counsel is a large part of running a business, and someone who has questions about how to run their business may ask at any time. There are people who have questions that go beyond the bounds of what is standard in business, and they may run ideas of what to do past his desk.Karl Heideck is a strong lawyer in Philadelphia who does quite a lot of work in the business and compliance field. Someone who wishes to use their business to make a development move must consult with Karl on their moves. The moves that they may are quite important, and they are guided by Karl’s expertise. Learn More.

The Outstanding Work of Betsy DeVos in the Education Industry

Betsy DeVos is one of the top philanthropists in the United States. She is passionate about education and has offered a lot of money to support the sector. President Donald Trump appointed her in February 2017 to serve as the secretary of education in his administration. Betsy’s hometown is Holland, Michigan and her father Edgar Prince owns an automobile parts manufacturing company that is called the Prince Corporation. She is a graduate of the Calvin College, where she got her B.A degree. Betsy’ husband, Dick DeVos, is a successful businessman whose family owns the Amway Company.


Mrs. DeVos has been an active contributor to the activities of the Michigan Republican Party as from 1982. She was chosen to acts as the Michigan area delegate in 1986. Between 1992 and 1997, Betsy was part of Michigan’s Republican National Committee. In 2004, she made significant contributions towards raising money to support the re-election bid of President George W. Bush. Her family has offered a lot of money to support the undertakings of the Republican Party. They have donated over $17million towards the campaigns of various Republican candidates.

Dick and Betsy DeVos founded a family philanthropy body in 1989, and it is called the DeVos Family Foundation. The charity organization has been working to facilitate activities that deal with art, education, leadership, arts, and justice. The family has to date given out $139 million, and their donations totaled to $11.6 million in 2015. They were ranked as the 24th most generous family in 2015. The money that the family foundation offered assisted hospitals, medical research, Christian school, Christian missions, and several other organizations. Most of the family’s donations are dedicated to supporting Christian-based bodies.

President George W. Bush recognized the excellent work of Mrs. DeVos and appointed her to the board the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. She joined efforts with her husband to establish the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. The couple donated about $22.5 million to ensure that the organization accomplishes its goal of supporting artists. They also founded ArtPrize, which is a competition that has been held in Michigan since 2009. Visit Betsy’s profile page on

Betsy is a committed Christian and has dedicated herself to supporting children from low-income families. She believes that the U.S education system is not fair. Mrs. Betsy DeVos thinks that it is right to expand the education sector so that it can offer opportunities to more students. She has also been supporting school vouchers to allow payments in private learning institutions with public funds. This policy will enable children from disadvantaged backgrounds to enroll in better schools. Dick and Betsy are benefactors of All Children Matter, which is an organization that greatly supports the use of school vouchers. Betsy has had an opportunity to serve as a board member of many education institutions and has always advocated for the education of choice.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Taking on The Internet Sales Giants

Fabletics, Kate Hudson’s athletic clothing company is finding its highly profitable niche by mixing technology, personalization and eliminating the high fixed that go with “show-rooming” their merchandise to creatively connect customers with her business’ equally innovative fitness attire.

The company’s general manager, Greg Throgmartin credits the firm’s personalized service that they offer utilizing the business’ membership model for their recent success. This model has worked so well that the company has reported sales in excess of $250 million dollars in a little over 3 years.

The company’s membership technology makes strategic use of consumer browsing habits, by inserting products that customers try on into their shopping carts. By thoughtfully timing the presentation of the digital content with the members’ physical product interactions, Fabletics is able to enhance the buying experience, and the firm’s sales figures.

The business reports that 30 – 50 percent of the customers walking through the door are members. Additionally, they maintain a 25 percent conversion of non-members that enter their outlets.

There are other firms involved in this type of strategy of combining creative and a media-based return on investment technique such as Warby Parker. However, Fabletics implements several approaches that set it apart. Using data collected from its flexible member model, the company is able to forecast inventory requirements and their customers’ likely responses to new styles and products, according to Dustin Netral, Senior Vice President. Data from the store interactions is also used to make improvements to the existing product lines and to send customers a highly personalized “monthly boutique” email and to refine their promotional offerings continually. They also boast business costs that are one half those of their competitors.

Fabletics attributes the success of their marketing approach to their early strategy in formulating tactics to deal with the highly successful Internet retailers, specifically mentioning the online giant, At 35 percent increase in sales per year, it’s clearly a game plan that is working for the business.

In a recent interview with CNBC, Kate Hudson discussed her 5 habits responsible for her sales numbers:


About Fabletics

  1. Locating and Capturing Marketing Advantages
  2. Remaining Involved in the Day-to-Day Operations
  3. Utilizing Big Data from Surveys to Support Decision-Making
  4. Actively Seeking Inspiration
  5. Becoming a Believer in Yourself and Following Through With Healthy Risk-Taking

Co-founded in 2013 by Kate Hudson, the company offers high-quality active-ware for the busy lifestyle of the modern woman. Fabletics reports over 1 million VIP members located domestically and internationally. The brand’s full line of apparel meets every fashion need from “Pilates to yoga” and every scenario from “desk to dinner.”